Amplitude and wave energy

Fluctuation range of the environmental elements caused by the wave source depends on how the waveform (wave flat, circular or spherical wave waves) and the position of the environmental elements?


When broadcasting to a certain element, it makes environmental elements vibrate at a certain amplitude. Amplitude is called wave amplitude at the point we consider.


The energy of a harmonic oscillator is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the oscillation. Wave making the material elements oscillate, ie gave them energy. Transmission process is a process of energy transfer.

Waves transmitted from a point source in the plane, the energy spread out over a ever-expanding circle. So far as the waves propagate out, reducing wave energy is proportional to the distance of propagation.

The energy of the wave transmission point in space spread out over the ever-expanding sphere. Because the area of the sphere is proportional to the square of the radius, so when the waves propagate away, reducing the rate of energy with distance squared propagation.

When waves transmitted only in one direction in a straight line (in the ideal case), then the energy of waves and wave amplitude is reduced at every point to the same broadcasting, ie the oscillation amplitude of all parts mail which is transmitted to the same wave.

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