Mechanical waves in nature

Waves in nature have many kinds, such as sound waves, water waves, seismic wave. Mechanical wave transmitted only in the physical environment, such as air, water, metals..v..v ...

Phenomena observation

When you throw a stone into a still lake, we see the circle from where the waves crashed stone spread on the water everywhere. I drop a piece of cork or a lightweight small leaf into the water, we also follow the undulating waves, but only at the market fluctuates vertically, not pushed away.

Phenomenon explaination

Between elements of water (as well as the elements of every other substances) have binding force. When an oscillating A water element and high knob, the drag force associated with neighboring elements raised high, but a little slower. In contrast, the binding force of the elements next to the element A, the element dragged into position (equilibrium position). The relentless acts like the elastic force of the spring. In short, each element vertically oscillating make neighboring elements vibrating in that way, and so far fluctuated gradually spread out.

Mechanical waves are mechanical vibrations spread over time in a physical environment. Here only the phase of the oscillation is transmitted, and the elements themselves only material to vibrate in place.

For waves on the water were considered above, the oscillations perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation. It is a transverse wave. Type the oscillation wave which coincided with a transmission method called longitudinal waves. Sound waves are longitudinal waves

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